In an increasingly competitive market, fast efficient internet access is becoming an essential for many businesses. Until now, this has meant using a high cost, technically complex service. Not any more. Matilda has a range of ADSL products offering high speed and cost effective internet service.

Matilda ADSL is ideal for businesses of any size as it offers a range of access speeds, independent IP data traffic volumes and installation options Rather not refer to one person home office given our direct target is medium to large businesses. It is an all in one package providing you with the data service, internet access and optional hardware to get your business up and running at high speed.

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ADSL1 Plans 1.5M / 256
2GB, 50GB, 125GB,200GB & 275GB Plans
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ADSL2 Plans
2GB, 50GB, 125GB, 200GB & 275GB Plans
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ADSL2 Voice Bundle Plans
15GB, 50GB, 125GB, 200GB & 275GB Plans
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ADSL2 Naked Bundle Plans
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ADSL Benefits & Features
Very Fast Internet Access

  • Up to 25 times faster than a conventional 56kbps modem
  • Quicker downloads make it easy for you to search and view the World Wide Web, and receive and respond quickly to emails
  • Superior capacity means you have access to high bandwidth data such as video, CD-quality audio and graphic-rich web pages

‘Always on’ connection

  • No dialling in each time, no waiting for a dial tone and no busy signals

Business grade service

  • Static IP addressing for more robust, permanent connectivity
  • No user limitations so all your employees can benefit from the ADSL technology at no extra cost
  • Option for CPE to be included in the service – saves you the time and worry of sourcing this yourself
  • ADSL service and internet connectivity fully installed and supported for ease of set-up

Competitive pricing

  • ADSL infrastructure tail and IP data traffic independent of each other, not tied to pre-determined plans
  • Customisable volume allowances and minimum monthly charges allow you to select the volume plan and monthly usage charge that best suits the requirements of your business
  • Competitive excess traffic usage – so you benefit from the increased download capability without ‘breaking the bank’
The Solution
ADSL is a modern technology that transforms ordinary phone lines into high-speed digital lines for ultra-fast internet access. ADSL also enables access to corporate networks for telecommuters, as well as advanced new interactive multimedia applications such as multiplayer gaming, video on demand and video catalogues. ADSL modems use digital coding techniques to squeeze up to 99% more capacity out of a phone line without interfering with normal phone services. That means you could be simultaneously talking on the phone or sending a fax while surfing the World Wide Web.


Asymmetric DSL means more bandwidth is used for downstream than upstream traffic, which is suited for high-speed internet access. Matilda ADSL provides speeds of up to 1.5Mbps downstream (to the customer) and up to 256kbps upstream, depending upon the line length, loop and line conditions.


Matilda ADSL allows customers to connect to the internet at high speed using ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband IP access connection. You might currently connect to the internet using a dial up connection or, alternatively, a low speed permanent connection. By connecting you through the Matilda DSL network, Matilda ADSL will give your business a 24-hour a day connection running at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps. Your connection will still allow you to use the full range of ISP services such as email, web hosting and domain names.

Matilda ADSL gives you:

  • High speed internet access plans of 256k/64k, 512k/128k, 1.5Mb/256k, and aDSL2+
  • Ability to connect your company LAN and staff
  • Installation options to suit your business
  • Range of service/pricing plans to suit your needs
  • All-in-one package including data service, internet access and optional hardware

The key benefit Matilda ADSL can offer your business is high speed at low cost. Using the existing telephone wiring technology Matilda ADSL is able to offer businesses access speeds previously seen only by major enterprises. Without the need for a high tech data service, monthly fees are moderate while service quality is high. Added to this the convenience of a 24 x 7 connection to the internet without concerns about time spent online means that Matilda ADSL takes business into a new online era.

Who Can Use It
ADSL is available Australia wide. Your Matilda sales representative will be able to inform you if your business falls within our ADSL coverage zones or use our pre-qualification tool to see if you are located near an ADSL enabled exchange.

Typical ADSL customers

  • Existing Dial-up or ISDN internet access users
  • Large business and enterprise branch offices
  • Medium growing businesses
  • Telecommuter/Tele-worker

The ADSL service is not designed to be a security service. ADSL customers need to provide their own internet security or use an external security services provider.

Benefits to the Business

Matilda ADSL is a powerful and cost effective access solution that offers flexible pricing plans, together with a reliable and high-speed communications service. The combination of using existing phone lines and extended business coverage means your business is assured that it can communicate cost effectively with remote employees, customers and suppliers 24×7.

  • Flexible pricing plans: customers can select access speed and IP data traffic commitment separately.
  • Choice of broadband access speeds: 256kbps/64kbps, 512kbps/128kbps and 1.5Mbps/256kbps.
  • Provides both normal telephone/fax service and high-speed digital transmission on an existing telephone line.
  • Fast data transfer for applications that are bandwidth rich, such as broadcast quality video conferencing, CD quality audio and graphic rich web pages.
  • Scalability: as your business grows Matilda can upgrade your bandwidth requirements.
  • Our partnership with multiple suppliers provides maximum coverage across Australia, which is ideal for enterprise solutions such as IP VPNs.
  • Added services: this includes access to Matilda’s online account management tools and our 24×7 help desk, as well as a subscription to ConnectAlert, Matilda’s email service that notifies you of schedule and unscheduled outages.

Matilda ADSL has four core components as follows:

Infrastructure Set-up Charge – The set-up fee includes the following services:

  • Access port on Matilda’s core internet network
  • IP address allocation
  • High-speed internet connection to your premises
  • Ethernet interface
  • DSL network terminating unit

Infrastructure Monthly Charge – Customers are required to pay a monthly infrastructure fee, which includes the costs to deliver end-to-end connection between the Matilda network and your premises. Note: Data/traffic is not included within this charge.

Monthly Traffic Usage – Usage Based Pricing (UBP) – Matilda’s UBP pricing model provides you with a number of tiered traffic charging options. As your data volume commitment increases, we decrease the per Mb rate, so the more you use the better the rate. Note that if during the month you exceed the minimum monthly commitment excess traffic, charges will apply.

Optional Router Router – Matilda can supply a router if required as part of the solution. The router configuration will depend on the on software and speed requirements. Our presales consultants are happy to recommend the most appropriate router for your access solution. Note: Matilda is not responsible for router management

Related Products

Matilda also offers an array of products that may prove complementary to your Matilda internet connection. Matilda offers a wide range of leading hardware products from Routers through to Firewalls for first-line defence against virus, hacker and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Matilda can provide a range of hardware solutions to suit your business needs.

With the number of internet security threats increasing all the time, Matilda also provides a range of security solutions to protect your business.

The ADSL service is designed to support a range of common internet-related business applications:

  • Web browsing
  • FTP File Transfers
  • Internet email
  • Web hosting

Opening Hours

  • Mon - Thur: 8.30am - 5.30pm
  • Fri: 8.30am - 5.00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
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