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wirelessMatilda Internet Prepaid Wireless Internet

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If you are a semi-casual internet user that needs the internet now but may not next month and don't want to be tied down to plans and contracts, then this product is for you.


Simply purchase one of the initial starter packs then buy snap-ons when you run out, or wait till you need it again to purchase more, with no charges in the time you do not use the service.


PREPAID Wireless features

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Virus and Spam protection of customers incoming emails standard

*NB: Both incoming & outgoing data is counted for Wireless Broadband quotas. 
In order to limit congestion on the network, your maximum monthly usage will be suspended for the month if it reaches 12GB.

BYO Modem 

+ 300mb



$0.05 per MB

Valid for 15 days



Matilda Supplied Modem 

+ 1000mb



$0.70 per MB

Valid for 30 days



The only condition is: for the sim to stay active the account must not go more than 45 days without credit. If the sim becomes inactive you simply have to get another starter pack, it's that easy and simple.


Optional Extras

Option Fee per month

Single static IP address

IP VPN $29.95


Other Information relating to Matilda Wireless Internet

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Please read terms and conditions carefully before signing up.