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How can I send Emails when I am out of my office using my matilda email address?

If you have a matilda email address

(@matilda.net.au, @cqnet.com.au, @moranbah.net.au, @cqnet.com.au, @cyberoz.com.au, @cyberinternet.com.au or @irock.com.au),

then you can use the Matilda mailserver to send your emails through. Normally when you configure an email account in your mail program or on your mobile device, you do not need to use a username or password by default. If you try and send outside of the office however, you will notice that you won’t be able to send an email, this is because of our security systems in place to stop unauthorized sending using our Matilda email server.

To fix your mail settings so that you can send emails, you will need to perform the following:

For a computer:

Open your mail program as usual. You will need to change your account settings for the outgoing mailserver to the following (in outlook, click on the Outlook menu at the top and choose Account settings, then choose your email account). For mac mail click on the mail menu at the top of the screen, then click on preferences and click on the accounts tab. Choose your email address and edit the settings to match below):

Outgoing server hostname: mail.matilda.net.au
Outgoing server uses SSL/TLS: Tick this option
Outgoing mailserver port: Change this from port 25 to 587
If there is an option to choose authentication or enter a username and password in, please either choose “same as incoming server” or enter in your email address and email password manually into here.
Authentication type needs to be changed from “none” to “password”
Save those settings and then you will be right to send emails from anywhere now.

Here are some screenshots from Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook of the outgoing server settings:


Microsoft Outlook account settings, and then click the “More Settings” button at the bottom right of the screen and fill out your information as follows:


In Outlook you will also need to click on the Advanced tab at the top of the page and change as follows:


On your mobile device, you will need to go into your settings, accounts and then choose your matilda email account.  For the iphone, if you click on Outgoing mailserver settings, and click on mail.matilda.net.au, you can set the settings as follows:

Find My Device / Activation Lock Removal


If you are bringing an item in for service, you will need to remove it from your icloud account first. The best way is to go directly to the icloud site , sign in and remove the offline item from the list.


If you are unable to complete this, or have lost your Apple ID and Password, you can request that Apple remove the device from your icloud account manually.

You will need a legible copy of the receipt that shows the serial number, then start an Activation Lock support request with the link below.

This will take a few days to process, and you will receive notice from Apple via email with the outcome.







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