Monthly Wireless

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Optional Extras
Option Fee per month
Single static IP address $9.95
IP VPN $29.95
Wireless Features

Wireless Internet Features
NO Phone line needed!
works anywhere there is Optus mobile reception
Free Virus and spam email protection
5 FREE email addresses
Matilda Internets personal service and support

Virus and Spam protection of customers incoming emails standard

*NB: Both incoming & outgoing data is counted for Wireless Broadband quotas.
In order to limit congestion on the network, your maximum monthly usage will be suspended for the month if it reaches 12GB.

Wireless Coverage

See map to view 3G coverage in your area

For coverage in other states please refer to the 3G coverage maps on the Optus website [click here]

Set up Charges

One off setup and install charges for bundle with phone

Contract Period no contract 12 mths 24 mths
New Service
(sim card)
$10.00 FREE FREE
Wireless USB Modem $99.95 FREE FREE
Replacement sim $12.00
Plan change upwards $10.00
Other Charges
Down the track – Bundle ADSL2

Contract Period 0-6 mths 6-12 mths >12 mths
Early Termination $99.00 $0.00 $0.00


* These costs are separate to any contractual commitments with Matilda

For full explanation of additional fees please see terms and condition

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